Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to the blog!

I’ve finally done it! I’ve talked about creating a blog — and even attempted a blog or two that chronicled my study abroad experience a year ago — but this finally feels … perfect. I’m at a stage where I can write frequently enough and share relevant information with whoever stumbles across The Daring Darling. So, cheers to us and this new adventure!

My hope is that The Daring Darling inspires you to travel, learn a new skill or two, try something outside of your comfort zone, and celebrate life’s everyday moments with those you love. I’m a twenty-something Californian gal with a heart for people, Jesus, and attempting new feats with my Air Force Academy grad-engineer-turned-Navy-pilot-turned-medical-school-student husband (just had to get that one out there!). We’re newlyweds and loving every moment of figuring out our dreams and life together in Washington, D.C.

Follow along as I learn to climb and ski mountains (literally & figuratively), make friends in a new city (welcome to the District!), and attempt to skateboard (last weekend’s big accomplishment). I’m a future woman’s Christian fiction writer and wannabe international spy, but I currently do marketing for a startup consultancy, which I love.

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