Eye Wish Eye Knew This 9 Months Ago (+ Review)

Eye Wish Eye Knew This 9 Months Ago (+ Review)

This isn’t my typical travel or wellness post because sometimes your health gets in the way of the perfect vacation or even working out. I want to share what I wish I knew almost one year ago so that if the same thing happens to you, you can fix it ASAP. Keep reading – something good did come out of this!

Over the past 9 months, I have been to the optometrist 5 times and my saving grace – er, I mean my new ophthalmologist – twice. During this entire period, my eyes have been swollen, burning, inflamed, and goopy (gross, I know). I didn’t look or feel like myself. For 9 months, I would wake up several times throughout the night with eye pain. My optometrist was unable to diagnose the cause of my irritation (but not before I spent $300 on prescription eye drops – and no, it turns out they were not made of gold). It’s been a long journey, but after switching to an ophthalmologist in May, he was able to diagnose my problem with one quick look in the microscope.

I had developed an allergy to my contacts.

It turns out that this is quite common among contact lens wearers. It makes sense too. Your body is very adaptive in dealing with foreign objects. And that’s exactly what your contact lens are: foreign objects. As a result, your immune system sets off a series of responses to cope with or rid your body of the intruder. The eye becomes inflamed, causing the tissue to buckle and form small bumps under the eyelid called papillae. As these bumps grow, the condition becomes “giant” papillary conjunctivitis or GPC. (FYI, don’t Google this.)

This isn’t fun nor is it comfortable, but it did teach me to stop taking so many things for granted. You never realize how easy it is to breathe when you’re healthy until you get a cold, right? This is how I felt about my eyes. To treat GPC, I had to immediately stop wearing my contacts, as well as any form of eye makeup, and take three different types of eye drop prescriptions 3x/day because I had also given myself a double eye infection from all of the rubbing and itching.

If you think you have an eye infection, visit your ophthalmologist. Your vision is too important to put it off. 

For at least 3 months (maybe longer as we have not yet reached that 3-month mark), I was resigned to wearing my glasses. At this time, I also really needed new glasses, but unfortunately, I had already used my eye insurance on my year-supply of contacts, which I won’t be using, and we were leaving town for the summer so I was unable to try on glasses in-person. This is when Ottica reached out to me, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. They offered me a gift card for any of their glasses in exchange for an honest review.

Ottica sells quality glasses at online prices for men and women.

I was a little nervous to shop online for fear of the glasses not fitting or my prescription getting messed up, but once I read through their 100% money-back guarantee and 365-day warranty, I realized my concerns were unfounded. With my prescription in-hand, I uploaded a photo of myself to virtually try on glasses using Ottica’s “visual mirror”. I chose these Coach glasses because they were so different from the glasses I have previously worn and they also came in my size (wide, because I need to balance those cheeks of mine!). Once I found the glasses I liked, I selected my size, lens type, and my prescription, which they walk you through online, and was set to order. It was the easiest process to order online, and my express-shipped glasses arrived a week later in perfect condition!

Overall, I am so pleased with and thankful for my Ottica eye glasses.

Ottica offers a great collection of designer brands for eye glasses and sunglasses with or without prescription lenses at very reasonable prices. If you are interested in buying a new pair of glasses, I highly recommend you check out their site. Plus, first-time buyers save 50% on their first pair of glasses. You’ll see the coupon pop up when you visit the site.

While I wait it out and pray that my contact lens allergy isn’t permanent, I’m enjoying all of the compliments I have received on my new eyeglasses. Thank you again to Ottica for the generous offer and my stylish new look!

I received these glasses from Ottica. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you to the brands that support my blog. I loveee these glasses. 



  1. July 20, 2017 / 9:40 am

    You look so cute in those glasses!! I’ve never heard of Ottica. Definitely have to keep them in mind in case I need another pair of glasses in the future. My eye sight is slowly getting worse but right now I just need glasses for work. Hope your eye infection clears up soon, too!

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    • The Daring Darling
      July 25, 2017 / 11:41 am

      Aw, thank you! I’m loving wearing them – especially because I can’t wear my contacts! It helps that they’re cute! 😉

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