Fit Friday Five, Matcha-Style

Fit Friday Five, Matcha-Style

Oh, hey. Hi!! Howdy. I know it’s been awhile since we last talked, but I’ve been busy with… life. We’ve been driving all over the country (true story), but we’re finally back in little ol’ D.C. and I’m committed to sharing the itineraries, life lessons, and fun we experienced in the last few months. We had a lot of adventures on the road and in the past two weeks, we’ve had a quite a few life changes too. Will started his second year of medical school, my company was acquired and my amazing team went in-house (super exciting but also a little sad as I’m transferring jobs to continue working remotely), and, I cut my hair, which is a huge deal for someone who has had long hair her entire life.

After all of our adventures and these new opportunities, it’s refreshing to be home and settle back into our daily routines. What’s more, it’s nice to be back in the kitchen – I’ve been out of practice these last two months! I’ve been trying to be extra creative since we returned and for me, that starts with breakfast, my favorite meal of the day. In addition to whipping up my daily FAB FOUR smoothies (learn more about them here), I’ve been incorporating a 1,100-year-old superfood into my diet.


I like to say that matcha is fine green tea powder… on steroids. About a month or so ago, Epic Matcha reached out and asked me to join their influencer program. You mean, I get to help promote premium, 100% pure, USDA Certified Organic matcha green tea? Something I’m already using and genuinely enjoy? This was an easy decision: YES. Will and I LOVE matcha. In fact, he loves it so much that he replaced his daily coffee habit with matcha green tea when he started medical school last fall. He’ll tell you that matcha is what wakes him up for his 4:30 am study sessions — and it should. One cup of matcha green tea is equivalent to ten cups of green tea!

While I haven’t replaced my cup o’ joe quite yet, I like to drink matcha as my mid-morning pick-me-up. I first got hooked on matcha a few years ago when my mom introduced me to Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Iced Lattes. We thought we were being so healthy — until we discovered they were sweetened with an absurd amount of sugar. Since then, we ditched the Starbucks option and opted to start making matcha everything at home.

In sticking with the theme of my Fit Friday Five series, here are five reasons I love Epic Matcha:

  • One serving of matcha powder contains 1,384 ORAC units of antioxidants, which is more than almost any other food. Antioxidants are powerful substances that help your body fight against free radicals, chronic disease, and aging.
  • Matcha green tea helps boost your metabolism and burn fat by increasing thermogenesis (up to 40%), the rate at which your body burns calories. It also helps increase exercise performance and recovery. You can drink it 30-minutes prior to your workout for optimal effects.*
  • Unlike coffee, matcha provides a steady, sustainable source of energy that lasts 4-6 hours – thanks to a combination of caffeine and the amino acid L-Theanine. This amino acid also helps boost focus and concentration, which is what we #girlbosses need!
  • Epic Matcha is a small company founded by a husband and wife team — and I’m all about doing great things with your spouse! Their mission is to help people live life to its fullest by helping them think better, feel better, and live better each and every day. Again, this something I can definitely support.
  • It’s grown in Japan from the finest and youngest green tea leaves! Will and I have tried a lot of matcha green tea powders, and Epic Matcha tastes the best. It’s smooth and non-grainy, which makes it easy to throw in a smoothie or even just a cup of hot water.

With 90% humidity in D.C., you can bet I’m drinking my matcha green tea iced. To make the perfect iced almond milk latte, I blend 1 Tsp. matcha, 1-2 Tsp. local honey, 1 c. unsweetened almond milk, and 4-5 ice cubes in our Vitamix. When the weather cools down, I’ll mix 1 c. hot water, 1/2 lemon, and 1-2 tsp. of Epic Matcha in a mug using a bamboo matcha whisk or this electric milk frother. These kitchen tools are game-changers!

While I love my matcha drinks, I’m excited to mix it up with some food-based matcha-inspired recipes, like this grain-free matcha loaf and this mint matcha smoothie, in the next few weeks.

Have you tried matcha? If so, how do you get creative with it? Let me know in the comments below!


Psttt – I’m not a doctor or certified nutritionist, so please do your own research and consult your physician before adding in any supplements for weight loss. Also, this post may include affiliate links, which help support my blog. That said, all lovely, honest opinions are my own. Thank you for reading and following along on my adventures. 



    • The Daring Darling
      August 22, 2017 / 11:30 am

      I’m glad it gave you a little push! It’s honestly such a great superfood. 🙂